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How to Install Coda/iCoda


to download Coda:


Go to http://www.sportstec.com and click on Support  and then Downloads.



Click the "Sportstec CODA 2.X.X" (X will change as the program is updated)



Once the download is complete, double click on the package icon (Open Box Icon) in the window that opens to begin the installation. (The screens might look a little diferent then what is on here depending on how often they update the program.)



Then Just keep selecting the affirmative answer: i.e. Continue, Continue, Agree, etc.



Once CODA is installed, single click on the desktop anywhere


Press SHIFT+COMMAND+A on the keyboard. (COMMAND = Apple key). This opens Applications


Click and drag "CODA" out of Applications down to the dock so a shortcut is on the dock (Other icons will slide over so you can place CODA on the dock)


Launch CODA from the Dock by clicking on it


In the window that opens up click on "Register"


Enter your registration code in the window shown below. Please enter the registration code exactly as it was given to you (it is case sensitive). Sorry, but not unlike SportsCode & Gamebreaker, there is no option to test out the software in demo mode.




Once you enter the Reg Code correctly click on "Register" button. Wait for  a message that says something like "Registration was successful." CODA will close if it's Successful.  If you get any other message than this, take a screen shot (command and shift and 3, look for file Picture1, Picture2, etc. on the desktop) and e-mail to us.


If registration is successful, then we need to get iCODA on your iDevice (iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone)




Make sure the Device is connected to Cellar data or a Wireless network. If you are not able to connect to ether, you can download it from iTunes and Sync it over.


Open up the App Store on the Device


Search for iCoda


Click To the left of the icon on "Free" whichever app you will need (iPad = iPad / iPhone = iPhone, iPod Touch)



Click To the left of the icon on "Install App"


iPhone, iPod Touch




Once it is done Installing Click on the iCODA icon





Link iCODA to CODA


First Make sure the Device and the Computer are connected to the same Wireless Network and both CODA and iCODA are open on the

computer and the device


On the computer, open the command center



click devices tab in the mac coda command center. hit 'update licenses'


you should see your device listed. click on it and click the activate button.





If you have any questions feel free to contact our Support Manager Ben Myers


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