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Rebuild Package

With video issues in a package, These are the steps you need to follow:


1. on game where video doesn't play. should be fat file, open w/ video window and timeline but not play video even if drag along timeline, make sure on   desktop. then do control click, pick show package contents.


2. open GameBreaker, pick file menu > make movie from folder of movies, navigate to desktop and to game in #1 above, get inside package, pick movie data folder


3. should get video window. scrub through video to make sure all /  nearly all there.


4. assuming all there, do file menu save as reference movie, give good name, but not the same name as the game

file that doesn't work. make sure to pick "sportscode gamebreaker

reference to original movie" in the format options, make sure to save

on desktop.


5. now in GameBreaker do file menu > new > timeline. it will open

timeline window and immediately ask if you want to link a movie. pick

the reference movie on the desktop created under #4 above. when it

asks if you want to save it in a package, say yes. this should create

a package w/ name of reference movie, on the desktop.


6. now control click on the new package created in #5 above and pick

show package contents. you should still have bad game file open from

#1 above. drag all the video files from the movie data folder in the

package that doesn't work right to the movie data folder in the new

package you just created under #5 above.


7. close both packages, test the new one to make sure works ok.


If you have any questions feel free to contact our Support Manager Ben Myers


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