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Link iDevice and Computer (to use Air Display)

To connect your iDevice to your Computer to use Air Display there is 2 different ways to connect.

Make sure you have completed How to Install Air Display (iDevice and Computer)

This is how to use your computer as a wireless hot spot.



Click on the Airport icon on the top menu bar and select Create Network



Name your network that you will remember, check the require password and put in a password and hit ok.



Once you hit ok click on the Airport menu again and mack sure your network has a check next to it.



Go to your iDevice and click on the settings



Select the Wi-Fi tab and click on the network name you made



Enter the password and hit join on the keyboard



You will now see a check mark next to network. Click on the Home Button (Circle button on the front of the iDevice)



Find and select your Air Display App Icon on the iDevice



You will see the Air Display screen on the iDevice



Now back on the computer You will see the Air Display Icon on the top of the screen.



Click on the Air Display Icon and you will see your Device, Select it



Click on the Air Display icon and make sure the Device has a Check next to it.



Both devices are connected now.


For information about using a Wireless Router feel free to contact us.


Click Here for information on how to configure and use air display.



If you have any questions or issues feel free to contact our Support Manager Ben Myers

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